We’ve got a month of big updates to share!


We are in full time language study right now with a private tutor since the language school in our city is currently closed due to COVID. Recently, we found out about an immersion program in another city where we will live with a national family for a couple months. This includes: 

  • 4 hrs of language study each day 
  • Live with a local family and get lots of language time and cultural training
  • Learn how to navigate this new city (which will be really helpful as Nick will likely end up coming back for crisis counseling sessions)


We have an appointment November 12 for our long-term ability to stay in the country. Please pray with us that all goes smoothly in getting our yearly residency cards. 


John and Becky, Founders & Co-Directors of the Counseling Center, are moving back to the States Nov 2. Please pray with us for the team as we adjust to their leaving, new family members, etc. 

We have a wonderful team here and are excited for the future, but also really sad to say goodbye to John and Becky who have been wonderful mentors and friends to us on our journey here.


We have been prayerfully moving ahead with this and wanted to share this with you all. We’re adopting! While this probably won’t be much of a surprise to many, we did put together a short video with a bit of backstory (including WHY NOW)… Hope this helps explain where we’re at a bit!

  • We are pursuing a domestic (U.S.) adoption at this time.
  • We are NOT adopting right this second. The earliest we would be bringing a child home will be AFTER we have gotten completely through language school and are more settled here in country.
  • We are excited, and we really ask for prayers for a birth mom, the process and just that God would continue to go before us in this. We sure believe He is building our family and want to trust He’s got this!

2 thoughts on “BIG MONTH OF NEWS

  1. Sharlene Honegger

    Oh, how very excited we are for you to begin your family! No, we did not know before you posted it here. Obviously, God’s hand is in the process and he will provide just the right child for you and at the exact right time. Our prayers continue with you and now in this process. Our blessings! Ken & Sharlene Honegger


  2. Becky Leverington

    So fun to read this and hear your video just before we leave. It also hits the finality of this chapter of ministry and the losses of the “daily interaction of these relationships.” Love you guys, Becky and John



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