What We Do

We are providing care and support as a couple for cross-cultural workers around the globe. As part of an established International Counseling Center, Nick will provide Pastoral and Clinical Counseling to expats. Amber also provides Marketing/Design work for the center as well as hospitality for incoming clients and counselors.

Often, workers in these parts of the world can’t easily travel to the States for intensive counseling. But as traumatic events happen, cross-cultural stressors build and team conflict or marital issues grow, it becomes a boiling pot for families on the field.

By providing 2-week intensive counseling for families and individuals near their country of residence, the team at this Center is able to give them tools and bring healing without the need to completely uproot their family and work.

The workers are few – and we hope that by providing a safe haven in their time of need, we can enable expats to continue fulfilling the vision they were called to do.