a safe haven for global workers

Hi! We’re Nick and Amber, global travelers and passionate about helping cross-cultural workers thrive in the tasks they’ve been called to do.

We are in the Middle East, serving to workers through Clinical Counseling and crisis response. We hope you’ll join us on this journey to create a safe haven for the weary traveler.

This space is meant to be a landing page not only for our journey, but also a space to find beauty in the diversity of this world. Follow along for art, photos, updates on our family, counseling and mental health topics and ways to partner with us in this Grand Adventure.


This is our landing page for personal family updates as we navigate living abroad. We hope it’s a fun space for you to follow us!


We’ll share periodic mental health and counseling updates here as well. We hope these are insightful not only to expats, but to all of you!


What would a good expat website be without showcasing some of the rich beauty in the world?


There’s always plenty of ways you can join us. Check out our partner page and keep in touch…


  • About 20% of internationally located workers leave the field every 4 years. Of these, 71% leave for reasons that were preventable (and before they have become effective.)

    Most expatriates or ‘expats’ (a term used for someone living outside of their home culture) have a difficult time navigating culture shock, team conflicts, and their own personal struggles. They need help – and they often can’t wait to return to their home culture to get it.