Just popping over here to say if you don’t get our monthly emails, you might have missed our latest video giving you a walking tour of our city.


Great question 🙂 This location was picked VERY SPECIFICALLY by those where dreaming about an international counseling center for workers in this part of the world. They were looking for a place that:

  • Is easy for expats to access from all over the Middle East (and that’s turned into workers from all over the world!)
  • Won’t raise any questionable travel notices for visitors
  • Is restful and restorative for workers coming from some really difficult areas to find healing, work through some significant stressors, etc.
  • Is open to a counseling center like ours for expats
  • A location where workers could also get some medical care taken care of if it’s not available in their country of residence (our city has GREAT medical care!)
  • A location with access to supplies or things workers could really use and can’t find in their country of residence
  • A location where, after intensive counseling, workers could stay for “vacation” time to process their counseling, find some real rest, etc.

For all of these reasons, and many more, the counseling center was located here (exact location will not be disclosed here, but you get the gist.) It’s been intentional. Beautiful. Restful. And exactly where you want a center that does CRITICAL, INTENSE COUNSELING.

So, thanks for taking some time to walk with us through the city and see a bit of what we’re seeing on a day to day basis. We’re grateful to be a part of this work. It really is having a life-changing impact for hundreds of workers… and we know that ripple effect is POWERFUL!

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