Immersion & Adoption Updates

We’re finally cold! We had to leave our city and travel by plane to a new city to get a taste of fall and the changing colors, but we’re now wearing scarves and coats and kinda loving it. Although we’re still glad there’s more sunshine here than in Indiana 🙂 Why traveling? Well…

Language Immersion Program:

We moved to a much bigger city for a couple months (in total) where we’re living with a national family to gain some better language exposure (and several hours of language study every day.) The family is very sweet and we’re slowly finding our way into new routines. This family lives in a more rural-feeling neighborhood (on the side of some very steep hills!) with many locals from the same small village area. While this definitely makes us feel a bit more like outsiders, it’s also a great experience for us.

We’re currently in a city that’s about 2x the size of NYC. Wow!!

It makes us so thankful that we are settled so well in our city so that we have a steady home base to go back to. It makes this stretching experience feel more doable when you’re grounded. Also, we are finding that so much conversation just makes you more tired. I (Amber) am requiring more sleep than normal to keep up.


We’re also plugging away on the details for our adoption. If you are interested, we’ve got an online adoption auction coming up December 3-5 to help with some of the costs of our adoption. You’ll also find some beautiful handmade products from our side of the world and some really fun gift ideas for Christmas. Amazingly, we’re also able to offer a $7,000 matching grant for the auction!

Thanks for being on this crazy ride with us in so many ways. We couldn’t do this without you.

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