Our new city just completed a 4-day complete quarantine at home and will shortly begin a new one. During these times, you aren’t allowed to leave your home AT ALL. It makes us really grateful that we have been able to still get outside and take walks here in the States!

We are trying to make the most of this unexpected time.

Alongside those daily walks, our days have been full of language lessons, counseling sessions, study, building websites, LOTS of zoom conference calls and babysitting for our niece once a week. Although it’s not exactly how we planned this time, it’s gone really well overall.

I know stay-at-home orders and the unknowns with the pandemic have hit all of us in different ways. Whether you’re trying to stay sane with all your kids at home, navigating working from home for the first time or dealing with unexpected unemployment and fear for the future… we feel the weight of this season with you.

Need some encouragement?

The Counseling Center has shared some really great articles that we think are worth reading for some encouragement and insights during this time.

(As in all situations, sharing materials does not necessarily imply full agreement or endorsement of these authors’ work, but signals our appreciation nonetheless.)

As we enter a new “season” of this pandemic, we hope you’ll be able to look back with us and see how God was faithful through this time. How we drew closer to Him. How he showed up in our hearts and transformed some rough edges. And how we learned to savor things in life a little bit more.

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