We were supposed to leave the country tomorrow. We were supposed to be sharing tearful goodbyes and making last minute preparations. Instead, COVID-19 has left us ALL in a state of uncertainty. All our country’s international flights are now shut down and we expect it to be a few months before we can travel. 

Our counseling team has been incredibly encouraging. Some have traveled back to the States, avoiding quarantines that would restrict anyone over 65 from leaving their homes and seeking out the safety and familiarity in their home country. Others remained behind, hunkering down around those relationships they trust to keep them safe. Together, the team is navigating how to best serve cross-cultural workers from around the world.

During this time, we will be:

  • Doing at least 3 hours of language study per day. We started our first online language lesson today!
  • Nick plans to take on clients via tele-health counseling and work on professional development resources.
  • Amber will start working on a new website for the counseling center, as well as sending out e-newsletters and resources for workers.
  • Continue to intentionally build in personal healthy daily habits.

Already, the counseling center is hearing amazing feedback to the tele-health counseling, articles and and teen groups being provided online. This is so encouraging! During a time when many have been suddenly uprooted from their host countries or now find themselves in lockdown in difficult areas without adequate medical resources for them or the vulnerable in their communities, this is a sweet gift. We feel so grateful to be a part of a group providing this kind of care!

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