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Due to the new Level 4 International Travel Advisory the State Department, we (along with our Directors at the counseling center) decided travel doesn’t seem doable at the moment, not least because we anticipate that our host country will shut down incoming flights by Sunday and even if we were to get there, language classes and even finding an apartment would be impossible for some time. 

Instead, we are tentatively planning to look towards a departure in early August (the director’s best guess as to when things will be opened back up again.) We hope this could be earlier, but we’ll just watch and pray! 

This is a time of deep disruption and we appreciate you all being with us as we try to be flexible and adapt to the changing circumstances.


Just over two weeks ago, Amber’s dad (Eric) was diagnosed with rectal cancer. It is treatable, and we’re grateful for the good odds, but this was certainly a blow for the family. We’re so grateful for our parent’s example of peace and acceptance through this! Please pray for our family as we navigate the season ahead and especially for Eric’s full healing!

We certainly appreciate your thoughts and prayers through this season. We know the whole world is on edge and we continue to lift all of you up right now as well.

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