Collaboration in Counseling

Nick works with a lot of families and couples living all over the world. Here, he gets the privilege of collaborating with a team of therapists to provide better care for entire families.

Here’s a few examples of the types of issues the counselors address:

  • A child with a new mental health diagnosis may lead to our helping the family learn and practice new way of working together both for the well-being of the child and the rest of the family
  • A traumatic event (e.g. a political coup or a scary evacuation) may lead to children and parents learning how to process and make sense of what they’ve experienced
  • COVID has often involved long lockdowns in small homes in the family’s country of service, online schooling (perhaps in a second language), and loss of certainty on their futures
  • Transitions onto, in the midst of, and off of the field
  • Team conflict, cross-cultural stress, personal mental health and marriages

It’s a privilege to be a part of a counseling center that can do work like this. We believe it’s more effective because of it, and able to serve expats in ways that are critical for their ability to thrive as individuals and families abroad.


We had our first visitors from our home country! Michael and Rebecca have become dear friends over the last six years and we’re grateful they were willing to make the effort to come see our life here! We were also able to take a bit of a vacation together and explore this rich and beautiful country.

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