When the World Weighs Heavy

This week has been hard. We weep with many who are suffering.

It hits close to home for us because we have dear friends in Haiti who are navigating natural disaster after natural disaster this week, seeing death, dealing with trauma… #PrayforLesCayes

Other friends and colleagues here bite their nails, waiting to hear word that their contacts are safe in Kabul. Waiting to see what will happen as the Taliban takes control. So much fear for those they love. Many expats have now been evacuated to neighboring countries, but others remain sheltered in place. There’s much fear, grief and uncertainty for them and for those remaining. #PrayforAfghanistan

We continue to delve into the stories of birth moms in the US living the reality of generations of poverty, addictions and violence, often outside their control. Each of these, for a moment, is a linked reality to ours. It brings very real grief, fear and tenderness as we expose our privilege, pray for these moms and these babies. (We really do appreciate all your prayers during this time for our family!) #Weareadopting

In our country, mudslides and mass flooding has killed and displaced many in the Black Sea region. Still many other areas have faced wildfires that have killed, wiped out homes and livelihoods… Last week, the winds changed for about 2 hours. During that time, the sky in our city turned orange, it smelled heavily of smoke and we saw ash falling from the sky. It was a reminder that we really ARE that close to some of this suffering. (We’re safe and the fires were still relatively far away, but it was definitely unusual!)

(Picture from Unsplash by Anasmeister, Athens, Greece to give a visual of the wildfires in our location)

Working and now living abroad has expanded our worldviews and continues to stretch us and deepen our theology of suffering. Please be praying for these situations, and for the many expats that have been / will be reaching out to our Counseling Center to process their evacuations, trauma and everyday realities of working amidst difficult situations.

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