One year ago in October, we got to be a part of a really amazing day. Over 200 people helped pull together an EPIC global fair for some cross-cultural workers our community supports. We estimated that over 1,800 people came through that day and got a taste, just for a moment, of their world. It was an incredibly humbling event to be a part of – and see how He was working both in those who lived abroad those who supported from our community.

Last year’s amazing event… email me if you want links to learn more about that event.

Last night, our sending team (same group that was involved in that event a year ago) stood in that same space, this time to share about our journey to Eurasia. It was a bit surreal. We’ve been on the other side of that presentation so many times for others. We’ve advocated, given, counseled (Nick) and designed (Amber) for some dear friends who have lived all over the world.

We even had some great local food to sample!

We’re grateful. Because we’ve been able to support others while we have been here. And now we have an amazing team around us that is empowering us as we prepare to go.


Right now, we’re planning out many other small group presentations. If you’d like to join us (or host an event!) we’d love to offer that opportunity to sit down and share more about the work we are heading to do.

We’ve so enjoyed sharing in smaller settings where we can have better conversations with you about this work. We hope you’ll come if you haven’t already!

Please email Amber at safehaventravelers@gmail.com to schedule an event or let us know you’d like to come! We hope we can meet with all of you before we leave in Spring 2020.

Until Safely Home,

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