Sometimes it’s good to celebrate the milestones in a journey. My (Amber’s) Dad just finished his chemo and radiation treatment yesterday! This isn’t the end of his cancer journey, but we are seeing more and more the value of celebrating each step.

As Dad drove up the street toward his house, neighbors lined the road with signs and cheers and shouts of encouragement. Family (some as far as Maryland!) cheered in the driveway and welcomed him home – a clear reminder that we don’t do life alone. (And then we left shortly after so he could rest, because cancer treatment is no joke.)

This journey – with Dad’s cancer, our delayed move abroad, COVID – we know we aren’t in this alone either. Sometimes we all just need a bit of cheering on, because the days can be long and hard sometimes. So thanks for those who keep offering those prayers and invitations to walk a mile with us.

May this serve as your little reminder to go cheer someone on today in their messy journey!

Maybe it’s a mom navigating a new school year with all the 2020 unknowns. Maybe it’s an expat who is stuck in country and trying to navigate COVID in a strange culture. Maybe it’s workers who suddenly found themselves uprooted in the States with no consistent place to land or consistent work they can do remotely. Or maybe it’s your elderly neighbor who hasn’t been able to see anyone in a few months… Whatever it is, we hope you can find the ways to cheer someone on today!

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